Revealed: The shoddy apology texts Jack and Tori sent Tristan after MAFS Australia retreat

After calling him a ‘whale’ on TV, Jack told Tristan he’s ‘happy to help with your fitness journey’

Should we be surprised that during the couples’ retreat section of MAFS Australia 2024 Jack and Tori found themselves at the centre of more scandal? Yet again, Jack couldn’t keep his disgusting thoughts to himself, at Tori was (shock!) defending him.

Jack said “oh the whales are out today” at Tristan and Timothy by the pool at the couples’ retreat, a comment that he has now said was “just a joke” and wasn’t even intended to be directed towards Tristan, but instead “Jade and Lauren or Jade and Sara.”

Tori has now defended Jack by saying people’s “memories are fuzzy” about what happened, but that still didn’t stop her and Jack sending some gruelling apology messages to Tristan after the couples’ retreat section of MAFS aired over in Australia.

Jack and Tori at MAFS Australia 2024 couples retreat

via Channel 9 / E4

Speaking to So Dramatic!, a cast member confirmed Tori reached out to Tristan ahead of the show going on Channel 9. They said: “Tori sent Tristan a text message saying, ‘Sorry for tonight’. Tristan didn’t reply.” However, the cast member source didn’t think Tori had the best intentions, and has said they think her message was just to save face.

“She was only sorry because she knew what was coming and how bad she looks for defending Jack,” they added. “She knows everyone is against her now. She texted Tristan so that he and everyone else think they are genuinely remorseful, so they don’t go hard at them in their media interviews. But we can all see behind it and what they’re really trying to do. It’s not genuine at all. It’s all to save face.”

Jack also sent a string of texts to Tristan after body-shaming him on TV, and in the most Jack way possible, apologised by offering Tristan help with weight loss. Yes, really.

Jack and Tori at MAFS Australia 2024 couples retreat

via Channel 9 / E4

At the dinner party after the retreat, Jack apologised and offered Tristan a voucher for weight loss supplements. He then posted a thread of his text messages with Tristan, to prove the pair are on good terms.

“Hey dude, just wanted to say thank you so much for the cross and the gift card,” Tristan’s text said. “Also, wanted to say you’re a really amazing person, and I know Tori sees that. We’re really proud of you on how you take on the challenges. I really hope you have a great weekend. Love you guys, T-Bear.”

Personal trainer Jack replied: “Aww. Thanks mate, I can see the real you as well and I’m always going to look at you as a mate, I’m always here for you and happy to help you with your fitness journey in any way you need.”

Um, is Jack ok?!

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