Jack explains his ‘whale’ comment at MAFS retreat was actually aimed towards Sara and Jade

‘It was a joke’

We were all shocked over the “whale” comment Jack allegedly made to Tristan during last night’s MAFS Australia 2024 retreat, as were the rest of the cast. However, Jack has now claimed the comment was nothing more than a “joke” and one that wasn’t even intended to be directed towards Tristan, but two of the brides.

The MAFS Australia 2024 groom Jack spoke to 9Entertainment about the “whale” comment and dismissed it as “outrageous banter.” He explained: “I walked into the pool one day and I think it was Jade and Lauren or Jade and Sara, two very attractive, fit girls [that are] very happy with their bodies, and I know they’re very happy with their bodies.

“I did a bit of a walk and I said, ‘Oh the whales are out today!’. It was a joke – not a joke I would make to anyone and everyone, but I felt like I had a position with these two people where I could make that joke.”

“I’m really tight with Tristan, I love the guy. Not in a million years would I make a joke like that to someone like Tristan, I’m not that stupid. As far as I know, I didn’t think he was at the pool. But he got wind of the joke, as did the whole cast because Timothy brought it up when everyone was around the fire pit that night having drinks and it sounded horrible.

“That’s why you don’t make these jokes to certain people, because that’s triggered him.”

This man just keeps digging bigger and bigger holes for himself.

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