Jack was coached in playing the villain and told to lean into his ‘f*ckboy’ persona on MAFS

And has been applying for reality TV shows since 2017

Umm, so a former client and close friend of Jack called Lizz has recently revealed that she helped to “coach” Jack during the MAFS Australia 2024 auditions and encouraged him to lean into his “f*ckboy” persona.

In an interview with Megan on episode 372 of the SoDramatic! podcast Lizz explained how she knew that Jack showing villain qualities during the MAFS Australia 2024 audition process would help him to get onto the show. Lizz and Jack met whilst auditioning for Survivor in 2017 together and she explained how the two would “coach each other” on how to best behave and come across in reality TV auditions.

She went on to discuss how she would give him advice whilst Jack was auditioning for MAFS Australia 2024: “At the very beginning when Jack was auditioning, I was saying ‘try doing this, try doing that’ like I was giving him tips and advice. Being a massive reality TV fan myself, I knew that the villains get more attention, I just know that. How many happy couples can you remember from the previous seasons other than the ones that are still together.”

Megan replied asking: “So wait, you were saying he should be a villain?” Lizz answered back clarifying: “Well, I kind of said to him in the early stages of the interviews, ‘respectfully I know you’re a nice guy but you present as a f*ckboy, you have the look of a f*ckboy, but deep down you’ve got layers and you are a nice guy. I think if you play that up to get their attention in the audition that will get you on, and then once you’re on the show people will see the real you and it’s all gravy.’ Obviously, that has not come to fruition.”


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Megan then interrupted exclaiming: “Oh my god, wait so you said play up being the villain and now I’m thinking was this his plan going in to play being the villain?”

Lizz replied saying: “I mean he switched on us, he was already planning on going in and doing whatever he had to do in order to get their attention, like the Christian Grey clip that keeps going around was actually during the audition stage. So, that’s a tough one because when you’re halfway through an audition you can’t help but say anything just to get your foot in the door, and it’s obviously come back to bite him in the arse because he looks like a complete idiot saying it.

“But it got their attention, so it’s a tough one because it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you go in and you’re a played-down version of yourself or you’re really nice it’s not necessarily as interesting or as entertaining. He always from day one set out to be entertaining but I don’t think any of us expected the massive backlash that came from it.”


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Host Megan wondered, “What’s real and what’s him just playing up this villain character?” Lizz agreed stating: “Yeah, that’s exactly it – the comments were still his comments but again he has gone in knowing he wants to be an entertainer and not be boring.”

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