Even more pics of Lauren before MAFS Australia 2024 have emerged and she looks so different

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We all knew Lauren had a pretty huge transformation before being cast in MAFS Australia 2024, but now even more pictures of her from years before the experiment have emerged.

You guessed it, she looks wildly different, and has been living her party girl life for what looks like years. Despite the pictures being years old, Lauren clearly loved a wild night out and has never stopped that life up until now.

So Dramatic has done the Lord’s work and brought our attention to even more snaps of It Girl Lauren, from 2012. Photos on her Instagram show Lauren with much lighter hair and less full lips, and she does look like a completely different person.

She can be seen partying with classic red cups apparently living it up in Vegas, and in fancy dress for a friend’s 21st birthday. “Vegas baby,” one of the pictures is captioned.

Lauren has said she’s had some cosmetic work done in the past, and she looked loads different before she’d had fillers done. She has also been rumoured to have had a fox-eye lift procedure done, too. “I’m definitely not afraid of a bit of Botox or some filler,” Lauren has said before. An honest queen, and I love it for her.

Lauren isn’t the only one from the cast of MAFS Australia 2024 to have a wild transformation before appearing on the show. Old pictures have emerged of Eden in her party girl days, Jade looked totally different before getting some work done, and who knew Jack had an emo phase?! I’m obsessed.

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