Lauren reveals ‘abrasive and confronting’ moments of hers that were cut from MAFS Australia

At one dinner party she called Jono a ‘dog’ over a dozen times

Since the very first day we laid eyes on Lauren Dunn on Married at First Sight she’s been an icon. But now, Lauren has revealed some of her biggest (and worst) moments were cut from the final MAFS Australia 2024 edit.

She had bust ups with husband Jono, dinner party meltdowns and plenty of sweary rants that didn’t make it onto the show, and in an interview with Daily Mail Australia, has spilled all about how her scenes were cut out.

Calling Jono a ‘dog’ at a dinner party

Moments with Lauren cut from MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

Lauren revealed there was one dinner party in particular where she lost her cool with husband Jono, and called him some pretty harsh names. She said in one evening alone she called Jono a “snake”, a “dog” and the C-word “over a dozen times.”

She joked: “You know what my favourite curse word is. There’s no doubt about it. I think I use language and it can be very abrasive and very confronting to someone who is not like me, who is not confrontational.

“‘I use verbiage and language in a very different way and I’ve realised, it can come across very offensive and probably not the right thing to do, but when you’re in those heated moments, it’s so hard not to just pop off.”

The dinner party where Jono’s cheating scandal was revealed was ‘super, super heated’

Moments with Lauren cut from MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

Lauren added that the dinner party in question was when the Jono and Ellie cheating scandal had all come to light, and said the scenes were much more heated IRL than what the episode showed. “I think I was really heated in that situation, because I said to him going into the dinner party, ‘do not gaslight me or try and dance around this’,” she said.

She admitted she “blew her lid” when Jono tried to say she knew what had been going on. She said she told Jono she “knew you had reached out to her, but I didn’t know that you’d been messaging as much as you had.” She told Daily Mail Australia she had been more hurt that Jono wasn’t honest with her, and she had to find out about the scandal through another cast member.

“He should have told me, and then it wouldn’t have been this sus situation, and it just, it all just blew up. It was super, super heated,” she said.

‘NO ONE spills my fucking wine’

Someone found a bunch of unreleased clips from *that* dinner party where Timothy blew up at Jayden, and one of the cut moments featured our queen of MAFS Australia drama reactions, Lauren.

We all saw the part where Timothy slammed the table and called Jayden a “grandstander”. But, what we missed was that this shook the table so hard Lauren’s drink was spilled, and she was less than happy about it. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Tori asked Timothy as he blew up. Lauren then stood up from the table and declared: “No one spills my fucking wine. I’m pissed.” Icon behaviour.

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