Introducing all the new partners of the Love Is Blind season six cast members

In just a couple of months, Jeramey and Sarah-Ann have split and Clay’s been pictured with TWO OnlyFans creators

The cast of Love Is Blind season six don’t wait around – if they’re not launching Cameo careers or selling merch of the sayings they coined on the show, they’re finding new life partners. Yep, a few of the most recent pod daters have debuted all new relationships since the show aired.

There has been inter-dating from the current cast, and people who quit the show early saying they’re glad they left it all behind them and have managed to find love without the help of Netflix.

So, here’s a complete rundown of which cast members from Love Is Blind season six have shared details of their new partners since the pod dating experiment.

Matthew Duliba

Meet the new partners of the Love Is Blind season six cast members

via Instagram

After being quite possibly the worst casting in Love Is Blind history, Matthew has now found love with someone else. In a Q&A on his Instagram page, Matthew was asked if he “likes Spanish/Latin women”, to which he replied: “Funny you should ask, this is Vanesa, my gf. This picture was taken the same day as the reunion. We went to the Charlotte FC soccer game with friends.”

Amber Grant

Amber, who left the show and then Matthew followed her, was accused of being in a relationship whilst filming, but has now found someone new. “Feeling Lucky,” she said in an Instagram post with her presumably Irish boyfriend, as there was a four-leaf clover emoji and he’s wearing an Ireland jersey and clover printed shorts.

Loads of Amber’s Love Is Blind co-stars filled the comments with love, including Chelsea Blackwell who said: “The happiness is giving you a GLOW sis.” Amber hasn’t yet given us the big reveal of who her man is, or what he looks like.

Clay Gravesande

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, as Clay was reported as going official with an OnlyFans model, before he was pictured apparently on a trip with a different creator, too!

The Tab reported Clay is now dating OnlyFans model Celina Powell. The new couple posted a video together of them kissing and cuddling, and Celina captioned it “life lately” with a lock and heart emoji. She’s since posted more on her story, referring to Clay as “my man”.

Celina is a model and OnlyFans content creator, with 3.2million followers on Instagram. She has links on her profile for her “exclusive content” and currently charges $10 a month to subscribe to her OnlyFans.

But pictures are now circulating of Clay hanging out with Willow Ryder, a porn star and fellow OnlyFans creator. People are claiming they spent a weekend in Belize together. Clay hasn’t commented on anything, so really, it’s anyone’s guess what is actually going on.

Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah-Ann Bick went official, but have already split

At the season six reunion, Jeramey and Sarah-Ann confirmed that after sailing off into the sunset on jet skis together, they were officially an item.  At the reunion they said they had been dating for a year, and were living together. “I’m sitting next to someone now I love with all my heart. In my pursuit of love, hearts got broken,” Sarah-Ann said on the show.

But, it’s been reported they have already split up. Jeramey has deleted all pictures with Sarah-Ann from his socials, and the pair have unfollowed one another. Yikes!

Jimmy Presnell might be dating someone new

Meet the new partners of the Love Is Blind season six cast members

via Instagram

It’s been rumoured that Jimmy is dating someone new, after he was pictured holding hands with a woman called Farrah Rose. The pair attended the Netflix Is A Joke festival, and posed for pictures hand-in-hand.

Jess is rumoured to be dating again too

It’s been heavily rumoured that queen of the one-liners Jessica Vestal is dating again, since not being chosen by Jimmy. After Love Is Blind it was revealed Jess will be in the next season of Perfect Match, which was already filmed a while ago, and leaked pictures show her with Harry Jowsey after meeting there.

In one picture, Harry can be seen leaning in for a kiss from Jessica, who is lying on a sun bed. According to reports, Perfect Match season two was filmed in September 2023, which would have been a long time after the pods were filmed.

Then after Love Is Blind she said she had another connection we didn’t see in the pods, and she and her mystery man were “working things out”.

Jess appeared on the Viall Files podcast to speak about the “strong connection” she made on the show, and said: “I had another strong connection. You could probably use context clues if you look at the cast, but I’m not saying any names because I’m still trying to sort some things out. I’ve learned to hold my cards closer to my chest with things like that until I know.”

I need answers!

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