A full breakdown of who was scouted and who applied to be in the MAFS Australia 2024 cast

Timothy had been in talks for a few seasons

Look, nobody is shocked now that more people are scouted for reality shows like MAFS Australia 2024, but still a few from the cast this year actually applied to be part of the experiment.

Some cast members were scouted because of their Instagram followings or previous connections to the show, whilst others applied to other reality shows and then accepted MAFS.

Here’s a full breakdown of who from the cast of MAFS Australia 2024 was scouted, and who applied.

Who from the cast of MAFS Australia 2024 was scouted?

MAFS Australia 2024 cast who were scouted or applied

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Lauren, Sara, Jayden, Eden, Stephen, Madeleine, Cassandra, Collins and Stephen were all scouted by MAFS producers to take part in the 2024 season.

Eden was a micro-influencer before the show began, and was approached to apply via Instagram. She finally agreed to do it after a number of weeks of producers trying to secure her.

Similarly, her match Jayden was scouted because of his connections. His brother is of course Mitch Eynaud who has been on the show before, so producers were keen to get Jayden involved, too. Mitch is said to have persuaded his brother to go on MAFS, after Jayden originally applied to appear on a different dating show which is made by the same producers.

Collins had a short but dramatic time on MAFS, and it was quickly revealed the TV advert actor was asked to come on the show THREE times, before agreeing to sign up. “I’ve been approached for MAFS three times and this was the one where I went all the way. The first time [he was approached] I got pretty far and then didn’t make it to the very end,” he revealed.

MAFS Australia 2024 cast who were scouted or applied

via Channel 9 / E4

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle’s podcast Behind The Edit, Stephen revealed how he was cherry-picked by producers as well. “I was scouted through Instagram,” he said. “I had two weeks from when I was told ‘yep it’s happening’ to when I was at the altar getting married.”

And who actually applied to be in the MAFS Australia 2024 cast?

A fair few of the cast from this year applied to be on the show. They are: Jono, Andrea, Richard, Tim, Natalie, Ellie, Tristan, Jack, Timothy, Ben and Michael. After applying, Timothy was apparently in talks for a few seasons, but this year was the first time the matching worked out for him.

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Ben has been called out for “wanting 15 minutes of fame” and being “desperate” to get on reality TV, and is thought to have applied to be on the show after he was ditched from The Bachelor.

Ben was previously tipped to be the next Bachelor, but his big shot was cancelled last minute. He cancelled some of his work as a tour guide to make room for filming, and even skipped out on holidays with friends thinking this was his big break.  So Dramatic! has reported he did the same when MAFS producers came calling, and was “desperate” to get on the TV, no matter what show would take him.

MAFS Australia 2024 cast who were scouted or applied

via Channel 9 / E4

According to So Dramatic!, Natalie applied to be on the show and then it took ages for her to hear back. Her father passed away, and then Natalie got a call back from producers who said they “would love to meet her” the day after his funeral.

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