Omg, Sara’s making a big confession on MAFS Australia tonight and we’ve got the tea

The arguments this is going to cause… I’m not ready

One of the biggest scandals on the 2024 series of Married at First Sight Australia is about to erupt, and we’ve got you braced for the wildest MAFS tea if you can’t wait for tonight’s episode to see it all absolutely boot off. Obviously a little spoiler alert if you don’t want to know the ins and outs of the scandal, but here’s what’s going to kick off with Sara and her MAFS Australia scandal.

In tonight’s explosive episode, Eden and Jayden drop the bombshell that puts Sara well and truly in hot water: she’s been seeing her ex whilst filming. Tim then told the group that Sara slept with her ex-boyfriend a month before filming.

But the twist in the tale is a source close to Sara spoke to So Dramatic and told the publication that the ex fella Jayden and Eden are talking about and the ex Tim’s on about are different exes.

“Sara told Tim privately that she had slept with an ex a month ago, but it was a different ex to the one she had caught up with and who was mentioned at the dinner party. Tim told everyone she slept with her ex a month ago while she was out of the room. When she came back, Stephen [Stewart] asked her if she had, and she just said yes.

“It wasn’t even the ex she hung out with, but she didn’t want it to look like she was lying by arguing about something else.”

Things got even more chaotic when the ex in question apparently had a girlfriend at the time Sara slept with him, but according to a cast member who told So Dramatic Sara didn’t know that part and the editors cut it out, making it look like she did.

The co-star anonymously said the edit was “completely out of context”.

“Sara had told Tim in confidence early on in the experiment that when she and her ex were hooking up in the past, he had a girlfriend,” they explained.

“However, she didn’t know he had a girlfriend at the time.” The MAFS 2024 participant then told So Dramatic Sara’s commentary was edited to make it “look like she’s okay with cheating“.

WHAT A MESS. It’s gonna kick off so hard.

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