MAFS producers allegedly forced Eden to expose Sara’s secret or get ‘kicked off the show’

‘It was very calculated’

Eden dropped the bombshell on MAFS Australia 2024 last night that Sara had been meeting up with her ex behind Tim’s back, and struggled with feeling like she had thrown Sara under the bus.

But a source has told Yahoo Lifestyle that Jayden and Eden actually planned out the entire confession in order to “get more air time” on MAFS Australia 2024. They explained: “Producers literally told them they should just leave if they didn’t bring something more interesting to the show because they were so boring,” they said. “That’s why Eden decided to bring it up on camera. She knew for weeks and it didn’t bother her at all. It was very calculated.” The source also claimed that “Jayden was pressuring Eden to bring it up on camera”, which is why she was so anxious about it at the retreat.

However, a production insider has claimed this is “completely untrue” and producers would never make a couple leave MAFS no matter how “boring” they are.

They claimed: “Eden was definitely not pressured by the producers to expose the information she had about Sara. Viewers saw the moment she told the producers about what had happened. It’s not like the producer was pretending to not know about it and they concocted this plan and she was pretending to cry. That wouldn’t make any sense. Eden was scared that if she didn’t do the right thing morally she would lose Jayden, so that’s why she revealed what she knew about Sara and her ex.”

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