Oh, so you think you could still pass your driving theory test? Prove it!

Remembering the different motorway stud colours is harder than any degree

Not to be anecdotal, but I just passed my theory test. I know, I know – I can hear your shouts of ‘well done’ and I thank you for it. Big weight off my shoulders. When revising for my theory test, and battling through that massive archive of 1000 questions, so many of my mates (who are great drivers, mind you) said how if they had to do their theory test again right now they’d probably fail it. It’s safe to say the questions are mostly common sense ones but sometimes the specificities really make you realise that if you aren’t feverishly revising the facts and the figures and every niche little road sign, you’re probably going to fail. Over half of the people who take the driving theory test every day fail it. Not the most reassuring of odds, but ones I’m smug about considering I passed first time. But could you pass your driving theory test? Erm, prove it!

The actual driving theory test is 50 questions, and you need a 43 to pass. I’m not actually going to give you a license at the end of this, so how about you do 15 questions and if you get 22 right you pass. How’s that sound? Good. Great.

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