One of Jack’s PT clients claims he body-shamed him and made him feel like ‘sh*t’ about himself

‘Exactly what you see on TV is exactly what he is like in real life’

Last night on the MAFS Australia retreat Jack shocked everyone with his horrific comments to Tristan where he body-shamed him and compared him to a “whale.” And now, one of Jack’s former clients who had him as their personal trainer has alleged that he was body-shamed whilst being taught by Jack and eventually made “to feel sh*t” about himself.

The client commented on a Facebook post that asked how you would feel if Jack was your personal trainer, and revealed that Jack actually was their PT “in the real world”. They wrote: “I did about eight sessions with him back in 2022, and the more I did, the less I liked him.

“He seemed like an absolute tool; the way he talked about women and the way he looked at himself in the mirror constantly. Then the final straw for me was a comment he made that made me feel like sh*t about myself and the way I look, like what PT does that!!

“I ended up paying out my gym membership and never going back there just so I didn’t have to run into him… Exactly what you see on TV is exactly what he is like in real life.”


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This isn’t the first time Jack has allegedly body-shamed someone as on the MAFS Australia retreat he apparently compared Tristan to a “whale” and also previously called his female co-stars “ugly, fat, too tall, too loud, too old.” According to So Dramatic! he “body-shamed” and “insulted” his female MAFS Australia 2024 co-stars for their appearances.

A source revealed: “Jack was constantly making snide remarks about the other brides’ looks and insulting them in private and to their faces. He was calling them ugly, fat, too tall, too loud, too old, and stuff like that.”

Allegedly, Jack would also express his crude thoughts about the other MAFS Australia 2024 brides to Tori who “never called him out for it” and she instead would “just laugh and agree.”

Jack also shamed Lauren and Sara frequently for the amount of “Botox and work” they both had done to their faces. The source added: “And we were all pretty sure that he’s also had more work than the whole cast combined,” the insider added.

The Tab has reached out to Jack for comment.

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