Producers of MAFS Australia fuming couples ‘stayed too long’ on the show to get more fame

‘Filming was such a hassle because so many were still on the show’

Another day another Married at First Sight Australia drama, and this time it’s that apparently MAFS production were livid that couples were staying on longer than they should have been there to ensure they got the maximum fame possible. Huge yikes, but no one’s shocked – if you think these people went on the show for love at this point you do need to give your head a little wobble I fear. Here’s what was said about the MAFS Australia couples who stayed on too long.

On an episode of the So Dramatic podcast, MAFS insiders spilled that loads of the brides and grooms in the 2024 batch “stayed way longer than they should have”.

“They all know now that the longer they stay, the more famous they will get,” one source said. Filming was such a hassle because there were so many couples still on the show.

“The cameramen and production crew kept saying to the cast, ‘We’re not used to having to coordinate this many people because by now, it’s normally only about half the couples. So filming was always such a long arduous process because of that.”

I mean, of course. This isn’t even a MAFS Australia exclusive thing, you see it on the UK series too. You know when you’re watching those couples literally have the week from hell with zero love and zero spark, and think they’re obviously going to say leave at the commitment ceremony but then they decide to stay? Yeah. What other reason would it be for other than to remain on the telly

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