The Gentleman fans are just realising what Theo James’ real voice actually sounds like

People are SHOOK

So obviously, being a lord in The Gentlemen, Theo James has a very posh accent. But after hearing him speak in interviews in real life, The Gentlemen fans are low-key shook that he is even more posh in real life after learning his real voice.

Theo has also played a lot of American roles, including The White Lotus and Four in Divergent which solidified his rise to fame, so lots of others just assumed he was American.

But nope, he grew up in Buckinghamshire and has possibly the deepest English accent I’ve ever heard. So after appearing on Capital Breakfast to promo The Gentlemen with one of the clips being posted on TikTok, everyone was going feral over his voice.


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One person commented: “Why did I not expect his voice to be like that.” Another said: “Since when did he sound like this.” A third reacted: “Why didn’t I realise his voice was like this?” Someone said: “HE TALKS LIKE THIS…!??”

Other people were surprised he was British, with one person saying: “He’s British whatttt????” Another said: “HE’S BRITISH??” and someone else added: “I thought that accent was put on, I didn’t realise he actually sounded like that.”

Theo then spoke about fans being surprised by his accent whilst on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy Kimmel said: “On the White Lotus you’re American and now you seem to be totally English.” Theo said: “Very English. And people are quite surprised that I’m not American.” He has also spoken about adopting other accents for roles, telling MTV News in 2013 that he maintained an American accent on the set of Divergent even when not filming a scene.

Theo said: “For me, I think I find it easier to just be in the space all the time, so it becomes second nature because if I’m switching back and forth suddenly you’re going to get a weird Cockney [version of my character] Four.”

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