Tori defends Jack’s ‘whale’ comment and claims people are lying about hearing it on MAFS

‘I think people’s memories are quite fuzzy’

Despite Tori telling Jack she was “disappointed” in him at the MAFS Australia retreat after it emerged he’d called Tristan a “whale,” she now seems to have gone back on herself and is once again defending his actions.

Tori appeared on Hit Queensland’s Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast on March 6, and said that her husband “obviously has a really big target on his back.”

She explained: “I wasn’t there when he said [the whale comment]… but from what I’ve heard, when that comment was made to the people that were around the pool, there was a big barrel of laughter.” Tori then claimed that the cast members who said they heard Jack’s comment on the MAFS Australia retreat were actually lying.

She continued: “The people saying that they were there when he said it, weren’t actually there. They weren’t even at the pool at the time, they were inside. I think people’s memories are quite fuzzy. And like I said, when someone’s got a target on their back, their memories all of a sudden come back, and they can recall what was said, when it was said and who it was said to.”

What will it take for Tori to finally realise Jack is not someone she should be defending with her life?! Well, judged by how things are looking between them she’s not learned anything about it yet.

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