We finally know the shocking REAL reason why Jack was so red all the time on MAFS Australia

This explains a lot!

On episode 372 of the SoDramatic! podcast host Megan Pusetto interviewed one of Jack’s former close friends about him, and finally asked the question we’ve all been wanting to find out – why exactly was Jack so red all the time on MAFS Australia 2024?

Megan asked Lizz “Why does he look purple?” Lizz replied: “In real life, he is very very tanned. He spends a lot of time tanning and takes his tan very seriously, but so do I. I don’t know, I have to assume he’s not got a specific tanning regime down on this show, maybe he’s freshly come from the sun and it hasn’t settled yet.”

So there we have it, sounds like it was a combination of some overzealous time in the sun and an unrefined tanning regime! Now that MAFS Australia 2024 is over he’ll be able to get his tanning regime back on track and reduce how red he looks.

Jack has posted lots of pictures of himself from before MAFS Australia and he looks a lot less red and instead has more of an orange-tan look about him.

Honestly, he’s got the Byron Bay tan down to a tee, I think Jack should drop a tanning routine so we can see how he gets it to such a unique colour…

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