All the most heart-breaking lyrics on Ariana Grande’s new album, ranked

We can’t be friends is right

After her iconic ‘Thank U, Next’ album being released in 2019, Ariana Grande is back, once again, with her latest album eternal sunshine. Although Ari includes some bops and bangers and claims the boy is hers (the boy being, Ethan Slater *side eye*), there are some heart-wrenching lyrics in this new album. Some that make you want to sit in your room and cry, some that make you want to text your ex and some that make you want to just say “yes, and?”. So, in no particular order, here are some of the heart-breaking lyrics from Ariana Grande’s eternal sunshine, which have the whole internet sobbing”

1.) intro (end of the world)

“if the sun refused to shine baby, would I still be your lover?” 

This short and sweet song made me feel mellow. It was definitely a nice intro to what the rest of the heart-aching album has in store for us.

2.) bye

“this ain’t the first time I’ve been hostage to these tears. I can’t believe I’m finally moving through my fears”

This is definitely going to be the anthem that you and the girls crank up when you just got dumped or hyping yourself to be the dumper. Either way, this is the song that would help anyone going through a break-up (similar vibes to thank u, next).

3.) don’t wanna break up again

“it’s breaking my heart, to keep breaking yours again, this situationship has to end, but I just can’t refuse”

I’m sure this song is super relatable to all the situationship survivors out there. This song perfectly explains what its like to be in this situation and how we all re-live through the heartbreak again and again and again. But, you just can’t help it.

4.) eternal sunshine

“hope you feel alright when you’re in her. I just found a good boy and he’s on my side. You’re just my eternal sunshine”

This song is sweet but also heart-aching, in the sense that, you just can’t move on from someone who was your “sunshine”. Definitely the song to blast through your headphones as you go on your hot girl walk as a distraction from the heartache.

5.) true story

“this is a true story about all the lies, you fantasised about you and I” 

This song wasn’t my favourite out of all of them but still, I’m sure everyone can relate to having a lying ex.

6.) we can’t be friends (wait for your love)

“I don’t wanna bite my tongue, yeah, I think I’d rather die. You got me misunderstood. But at least I look this good”. 

Ari was so real for this. Another situationship-based song that truly captures the anger and annoyance that comes with the relationship. It may be heart-breaking but at least you look good, it’s all that matters.

7.) i wish i hated you

“I rearrange my memories. I try to rewrite our life. But no matter how I try to. And no matter how I want to. And no matter how easy things could be if I did and no matter how guilty I still feel saying it. I wish I hated you”

This song is very relatable. It just explains that feeling when you can’t get over someone and you wish you hated them to make it easier. More heart-aching as the person hasn’t necessarily done anything wrong but you have to move on. Giving Gabriella telling Troy she’s got to go her own way.

8.) imperfect for you

“we crashed, and we burned. Now I just can’t go where you don’t go”

Ah, this one was heart-breaking. When you’re in that toxic relationship and don’t feel enough for someone. And once the break-up happens, you still want to be with them. Ah, Ari, how have you experienced so many heartbreaks in one lifetime?

9.) ordinary things

“you hit just like the first sip of wine after a long day.”

Not heart-breaking, just real AF.

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