Files of the Unexplained: What happened to Calvin Parker from episode one of Netflix show?

The episode tells his story and then pays tribute to him

Netflix has a new true crime and mystery series called Files of the Unexplained, and the first episode focuses on the story of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker.

The story of Charles and Calvin has now been called the Pascagoula Abduction, after the two men said they were abducted by aliens during a fishing trip. The Netflix synopsis reads: “In 1973, a fishing trip in Pascagoula led to an unbelievable encounter that drew attention from the media and changed two men’s lives forever.”

The men say they had been out fishing on Pascagoula River in Mississippi when a UFO landed near them. They were then approached by alien-like creatures who “weren’t like humans” and had strange features, such as pinchers for hands. The men say they felt “paralysed” and were taken on board the ship the aliens arrived on.

Calvin Parker in Files of the Unexplained on Netflix

via Netflix

They returned, and told their story, but were often met by people not believing them. In the Netflix show, Charles’ son and Calvin himself are interviewed to tell their story.

Then, at the end of the first episode of Files of the Unexplained, a card comes up saying the show is in memory of Calvin. Having just watched him tell his chilling story, people are now wondering what happened to Calvin and how he died.

What happened to Calvin Parker from Files of the Unexplained?

Calvin Parker in Files of the Unexplained on Netflix

via Netflix

Calvin Parker died on 24th August 2023, just months before the 50th anniversary of his alien abduction. Calvin had a “long battle” with kidney cancer, but sadly passed away aged 68. At the time, it was reported he died at home surrounded by loved ones, including his wife Waynette.

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