MAFS Australia 2024 viewers think they’ve spotted telltale sign to know ‘when Jack is lying’

Ok now I *have* to spot every time he does this

Throughout MAFS Australia 2024, Jack has been called out for many, many things – his awful comments, his lack of interest in Tori, being an overall not great guy, and lying.

But now, the eagle-eyed viewers have done the Lord’s work, because someone has pointed out a pretty clear thing Jack does, which they say is big sign he’s is lying. And no, it’s not just when his mouth is moving.

“How to tell when Jack is telling lies,” one person in a MAFS Facebook group said, alongside a couple of screenshots from the show. In them, Jack can be seen grabbing and playing with his earlobe. Now of course I had to go back and see for myself when he had been doing this in the show recently, and it made for some interesting investigating.

MAFS Australia 2024 viewers spot sign Jack is lying

via Channel 9 / E4

Recently, Jack came under fire for calling Tristan and Timothy “whales” at the retreat, before in the same episode Sara said he had also made her feel uncomfortable by grabbing her bum and kissing her neck. Yes, all of these accusations were in one episode.

Of course, Jack desperately tried to defend himself and wiggle out of the situation. He claimed the whale comment was “just banter” and had been “taken out of context” and said he must have “accidentally” touched Sara’s bum, and only kissed her neck because he’d gone for her cheek, but didn’t want to ruin her makeup. Sure.

MAFS Australia 2024 viewers spot sign Jack is lying

via Channel 9 / E4

“I didn’t even realise I did it,” Jack said when Tim asked him why he’d kissed his wife’s neck. “I am awkward when I kiss people on the cheek, makeup and all the rest of it. I thought I’d um, yeah, anyway, I didn’t realise.”

Explaining the “butt tap” Jack said: “I can’t even remember it. I can only imagine it was absolutely accidental. I didn’t mean anything by it.” Then, speaking to the camera he called the allegations “absolutely ridiculous” and said Sara just “loved drama”.

But guess what he was doing throughout this entire scene whenever he was “explaining” himself? Scratching and playing with his ear. I rest my case.

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