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Omg, a MAFS producer has clapped back at Sara saying scandal was ‘out of context’

‘She should be grateful for the stuff they left out’

Well, it’s safe to say the entire Sara cheating scandal on Married at First Sight Australia lived up to the hype of explosion – but with Sara now claiming that the edit took it all out of contest, a MAFS producer has clapped back at her claims.

In case you’re out of the loop, last night was a huge night on MAFS Australia 2024, as shocking news came to light about Sara and her ex. As the couples’ retreat came to an end, Eden revealed she had got a text off Sara saying she met up with an ex, and Eden decided she had to tell the rest of the group.

Sara then claimed basically that the edit took things out of context during the cheating scandal erupting. A MAFS producer told the So Dramatic podcast a different story to what Sara is claiming.

“I worked on the show. It was not edited out of context at all. This is false. No one is a victim of a bad edit. I was a transcriber on the show, which means that I literally transcribed every single thing that was filmed, including things that were not televised.

“Everything is quite literally exactly as portrayed. And I believe every other person who participated in this season would attest to the fact that she has been portrayed fairly and accurately.”

The source then claimed producers “left out a lot of horrible things [Sara] did. She is not the victim of a bad edit… In fact, I think she should be grateful for the stuff that they left out.”

Erm! We need the director’s cut released for the diehard fans pronto.

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