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I’ve never wanted to go to Italy more

Based on the same story as the ’90s film The Talented Mr. Ripley starring Jude Law, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow, Netflix’s new Ripley series follows Tom Ripley along the Amalfi Coast as he’s tasked with convincing a millionaire’s son, Dickie Greenleaf, to return to New York after a Summer of loafing about— murder ensues. But, aside from the killing, the show sees some seriously gorgeous filming locations and fans are already Googling where they are to see if they can visit. So, here’s everything you need to know:

Ok, so where was Netflix’s Ripley series actually filmed?

Ripley filming locations where was Ripley filmed

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While the filming locations for the 1999 Talented Mr. Ripley basically looked like a Pinterest board for the ideal Med summer, Netflix’s new series opts for darker, more gothic settings in New York, Atrani and along the Amalfi Coast.


Ripley has multiple filming locations in Italy, but one notable setting is Caffè Florian in Venice where Ripley takes in the sights of the city in the final episode. If only he were really only there for tourism.


Ripley filming locations

Ripley visits loads of the most iconic spots in Rome: The Spanish steps up to the Palazzo dei Congressi building, which luckily they managed to shoot without any tourists during the pandemic, and the temple of Hadrian on Campus Martius.


Ripley filming locations

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Ripley finds Dickie living in a small coastal Italian town – but it took the show’s directors a long time to decide where that should be.

Ripley where was it filmed

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They drove up and down the coast looking for the right place and eventually found Atrani: a small village with only around 800 people living in it, where they could image Dickie and Marge painting and lounging their days away with little else to bother them.


Ripley Filming locations

Continuing on the tour of Italy, Ripley also features interior scenes in the Renaissance church Santa Maria La Nova Cathedral in Naples. It has 16 side chapels (huge) and was built in 1279. Ancient.


ripley filming locations where was it filmed

Credit: Netflix

Although the exterior shots of Dickie and Marge’s coastal life might have been set in Atrani, their villa was actually found in Capri amongst the traditional Italian homes on the upscale island, which explains the unreal coastal views.


Ripley filming locations where was the show filmed

Credit: Netflix

The toe of Italy’s boot, Ripley spends his time hiding out in Palermo as his crimes begin to catch up with him.

New York 

Netflix filming locations

Credit: Netflix

Ripley’s story begins in New York where he’s been scamming through life in the city until Dickie’s dad Herbet tasks him with getting his son back to the states from Europe. We see Ripley in the industrial area of Brooklyn Navy Yard. But when he later goes to access a PO Box, he’s inside the James A. Farley Building in Midtown Manhattan.

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