Sara now says the ex she slept with is a different ex to who she met during MAFS Australia?!

Her story changes every single time she tells it?

Last night was a huge night on MAFS Australia 2024, as shocking news came to light about Sara and her ex. As the couples’ retreat came to an end, Eden revealed she had got a text off Sara saying she met up with an ex, and Eden decided she had to tell the rest of the group.

Eden told everyone at the dinner party, and then the room descended into chaos. Sara went straight on the defensive, and crumbled as she tried to make her story come across better in front of the group, and husband Tim. She admitted to everyone she had met up with her ex boyfriend, but hadn’t told Tim as she “didn’t want him to be insecure” and thought it would cause unnecessary drama.

Tim then dropped the bombshell that Sara had previously admitted to sleeping with her ex just weeks before the experiment began, which explained why it was such a touchy subject.

Sara’s story then began to change within seconds of her telling it, as she said it was fine that she’d met up with her ex because he had been in a relationship for six years. But then when questioned why she had slept with him if he had a girlfriend, Sara said they’d broken up, then changed her story to say her ex and his new girlfriend were constantly “on and off”. She back tracked, then back tracked some more.

Sara explains her ex and cheating scandal during MAFS Australia 2024

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But now, clarifying things after the show has aired, Sara has changed her story AGAIN. She’s now claiming the two stories involved DIFFERENT exes. So, she slept with one ex just weeks before the experiment, and then the guy she met up with whilst married to Tim was a different person again. I can’t keep up!

“The whole ex thing came out at the dinner party and obviously, I wasn’t at the dinner table when Tim had said to everyone that I had hooked up with the ex a month before the experiment,” she told Refinery29 Australia. “What Tim doesn’t know is that the ex in question was actually not the same ex. So when he said that, he thought it was the ex in question.”

She said instead of explaining the mishap at the dinner party, she was “just gonna let everyone think it’s this ex” – which sounds a bit sus, but sure.

“I genuinely did not hook up with the ex in question,” she added. “But I realised at that point, that that’s what everybody thought. So I was like, You know what, I’m just gonna let everyone think it’s this ex. I’m not going to explain that there is another ex.”

Sara please, what is going on?

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