No ifs, no buts: Here are the This Is Us characters, ranked from best to worst

Family drama incoming

Let’s start by saying that a show spanning six seasons, has many heart wrenching storylines and incredible acting is not going to be easy to rank. By the end of watching NBC’S This Is Us, you practically feel part of the Pearson family. Can we mention that the actors play the roles in flashbacks and present day moments as well? No wonder Primetime Emmy awards have been won.

And I didn’t necessarily take awards into consideration , aside from Randall. For me, I based my opinions on what characters I felt most connected to (very drama student of me I know). But, it’s such a talented bunch that the ranking is never going to be about the actual acting performance as they would all be up there.

There are many serious topics covered which makes it more than a family drama, it’s a show that people can actually relate to. Or sob to in their room – thanks a lot! So whilst my ranking is biased, everyone is going to have their personal resonance to a character. So here we go, from best to worst here are the rankings of the This Is Us characters:


10. Beth Pearson

For me, she is the top character. If I can imagine going for a coffee with a character then this hails them above the rest. What other person wouldn’t want a strong, witty, fearless character as their gal pal? Alongside being a wife, she brought up three kids and could still pursue what was important to her. An icon.

9. Randall Pearson

Yes, the husband of this pair is coming second. However, this Pearson couple faced up’s and downs in their marriage and came out strong which for me makes them top tier characters (and good drama to watch). Having a rough childhood didn’t make Randall’s character any less kind, or funny and there were some really heartfelt moments of him throughout the seasons. Not to forget, Sterling K.Brown won an Emmy for his role so…he deserves a place near the top of the list.

8. Jack Pearson

The love that I have for this character and how much of a role model she was throughout the series can’t be summed up in a few sentences. From suffering with different issues since her father’s death, she always kept pushing on to become a stronger person. Even her storyline with the breakdown of the marriage to Toby struck to the heart, as even though things were so good between them, some things aren’t meant to work (getting emotional writing this right now).

6. Tess Pearson

It’s rare on TV to have characters that accurately depict what being a teenager is and this is what makes Tess so great. All the tropes of being a teenager are there such as finding identity, struggling with sexuality, arguing with parents. We’ve all been there. And not to forget, Tess is a great representation of the LGBTQ community and the show handles the topics delicately and importantly. So Tess is worthy of a place high on the list.

5. Toby Pearson

I have to admit I was torn between whether Kate or Toby should place higher as I did love their relationship storyline. For me, Toby was a complicated character and could be very opinionated at times – he was quite relatable to an extent. Even during his suffering from depression, it was clear he was a kind hearted person and it was really sad to watch the breakdown of the marriage. He is the middle ranking of this list.

4. Nicky Pearson

If someone could be high on the list for biggest plot twists then Nicky would be right up there. The character progression of seeing a character through flashbacks (thinking they were dead) and then it turns out they are alive? Quality TV watching. And I’m a sucker for a slightly grumpy elderly character that secretly wants people around him and ends up falling in love!

3. Rebecca Pearson

Maybe it’s controversial to put Rebecca near the end of the list? Firstly, I am a Mandy Moore stan. Love her. I do not for a second take away the turmoil this character went through. Caring for two babies, an adopted child, dealing with her husband’s death is an unimaginable circumstance. For me, Rebecca was just intensely in her children’s life and from the perspective of a young adult in her early career stages, she just wasn’t always the most likeable at points. Spoiler alert: I did cry A LOT though at that episode…

2. Miguel Rivas

Yes, this character was incredibly redeemed by the end of the series. But, to make this list accurate for the most part of the show he wasn’t that well-liked. To date your ‘late best friends wife’ after he passes isn’t the best conversation starter and a red flag. But he isn’t at the bottom of the list due to still caring for Rebecca and not necessarily doing anything wrong, just starting off his marriage in an off-putting way.

1. Kevin Pearson

Umm, so I’m not the biggest Justin Hartley fan (yes, he is good looking but my Selling Sunset girlies will understand where I’m coming from!). His character had a tricky journey from being an actor which off the back is a rough career to start off with. However, his self-sabotage led to a lot of addiction and hurting people around him. I will be nice enough to say that I don’t think he was the WORST character as everyone makes mistakes and he did turn out to be a good father. But, perhaps his storylines didn’t give him the best portrayal.

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