So, this is what happened to Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her husband’s dog after their split

I can finally rest easy now

So, one question everyone has now we know about the split between Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her husband Ryan Anderson is, what on earth have they done with their little dog Pixie they got together?

In a now-deleted video from January, Gypsy Rose and Ryan shared the new puppy they got together. She said: “Hey y’all! So I wanna introduce you guys to someone very special. This is Pixie, she is an eight-week-old baby Malchi puppy. She is a sweetheart and she is already spoiled rotten.” We went to PetSmart, bought everything she could possibly need,” she said, before showing a picture of the puppy sleeping on her new bed on the first night they brought her home.

But now after they have broken up everyone has been wondering what happened to their dog? Well, we finally have answers.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard dog

Via Instagram

In a live video with her ex-boyfriend Ken whom she’s been seen getting matching tattoos and holding hands with, she revealed that Ryan has taken the dog.”She is with Ryan. I gave her to Ryan. I didn’t want to uproot her from everything that she knows, so she loved Ryan more, so I let him keep the puppy.” Crying right now.

But people were NOT happy with this decision in the comments, with one person calling her “heartless” and another adding “she left her puppylike yesterday’s trash”.

In the same live video, she also denied the rumours about her being on OnlyFans. She said: “I do not have an OnlyFans. Whatever is going around with OnlyFans, that’s not me I would never do that.”

Gypsy Rose broke up with her husband Ryan last week and since then has announced she’s getting plastic surgery, has been seen holding hands with her ex and even got matching tattoos with him. Chaos!

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