All the theories and everything we know about the viral missing husband ‘Charlie’ saga

The whole internet giving it Sherlock Holmes right now

Literally everyone on Twitter has turned into amateur detectives right now after someone posted about her missing husband who ghosted her and their two kids. The post has gone viral, so much so that you’re unable to escape seeing theories and proof about Charlie from Massachusetts’ whereabouts.

But, if you’ve somehow missed it, basically a woman called Ashley posted a status on Facebook asking for people to help her locate her husband Charles who ghosted her whilst she was pregnant and disappeared without a trace. He moved away, changed his phone number and she believed was working in hospitality and going by the nickname Charlie. She was looking for him in order to get his signature on divorce papers.

The full post reads: “This is my husband, Charles. He loves to be the centre of attention but I’m not sure how much he’s going to like this and last year, when I was pregnant with our youngest baby he decided being a husband and a dad wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore and he ghosted, like gone without a trace. He has one baby he hasn’t seen in over a year, and one he’s never met. He’s moved somewhere out of state and changed his phone number.

“Divorcing someone who’s completely unreachable is really tough and drawn out, so I’m trying to track him down to get his signature on a few papers so I can finally close this chapter and move on with my life.

“I’ve heard he’s going by Charlie now. He’s British and charming AF. He’s a chef and probably working in the hospitality industry somewhere. He’s probably never mentioned having a wife or kids back in Massachusetts. If you know him, if you’re working with him, if you’re dating him or friends with him, can you please have him get in touch with me or let me know where I can find him. All the girls’ girls out there, feel free to share A friend of a friend of a friend has got to know where he is.”

Charlie missing husband

Charlie missing husband

One of the first theories is that he is in Dallas, Texas. This is assumed after a number of people commented saying they matched with him on Bumble there. In the Texas-based “Are we dating the same guy?” Facebook group one woman said she matched with him a few weeks ago and included screenshots of his profile.

Charlie missing husband

His Bumble profile specifically says that he is British and a chef, something we know to be true from his wife.

The wife has been hearing from his new girlfriends

Charlie missing husband

Ashely was asked a lot of questions about why she assumed there was no foul play involved and was sure about his welfare, but allegedly she has been hearing from his new girlfriends that he’s been dating. One TikToker who has been diving into the case said: “It turns out she knows he’s alive and well because she’s been hearing from his girlfriends this whole time.”

She then posted a screenshot of her Facebook comment which confirms this. It reads: “Yeah, I’ve had a few girls he’s been involved with reach out to me after they found out through social media or however else. They’ve been pretty spread across the country though. But yes, I’m willing to bet he’s alive.”

But she found him!

And finally, the final update we were all waiting for, Ashely updated her original post and confirmed she now has enough information to find her husband. She said: “Guys… This is absolutely insane. I figured maybe someone in my area was still in touch with him but I absolutely did not expect this.

“I’ve gotten MORE than enough information to locate him. I have literally hundreds of messages to sort through, some with information and some with support and I appreciate all of them. Single moms are a special breed, and I know a lot of you have gone through the same situation as I have.

“Please know I truly do not wish him any type of ill will. I sincerely appreciate all of your support, but please do not make threats, spread hate, or try to go out and locate him. Truly I only want to see this situation resolved so me and my children can restart our lives and fix the damage done. At the end of the day I get to come home to my babies and be their mom, so I think I win regardless. Also that karaoke video that everyone’s sending….I don’t think that’s actually him. So I apologize to whoever it is for your karaoke being blasted all over the internet. You did a great job though!  Thank you again to everyone.”

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