JoJo Siwa Miley Cyrus

Erm, so JoJo Siwa’s new single is apparently an old Miley Cyrus song from 2011!?

It all makes so much sense now

JoJo Siwa is proudly carving her lane out right now seemingly acting like she’s the first person ever to have an adult vibe switch in her career, and even has lesbian icons Tegan and Sara poking fun at her ludicrous quotes where she’s claiming she’s making “a new genre of music, called gay pop.” It’s all a bit much, and obviously drew comparisons to Miley Cyrus breaking free of her Disney Channel roots circa Can’t Be Tamed – and it turns out that Karma is actually very likely an old Miley single that Cyrus rejected back in the day according to a very well researched TikTok.


THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Need to hear Miley’s version #mileycyrus #jojosiwa #karma #cantbetamed #popmusic #adamtheflop

♬ Karma – JoJo Siwa

Adam Barrera (@adamtheflop on TikTok) basically explains how his theory has a lot of evidence to back it up. He says back in 2011 when Miley was doing Can’t Be Tamed a reliable source claimed that she had a song called Karma’s A Bitch. Miley then apparently confirmed it in 2012 when she was in a Twitter conversation with Rock Mafia (producer of Can’t Be Tamed) when Rock Mafia responded with #karmasabitch.

Barrera then goes on to say if you check the writing credits of Karma by JoJo Siwa, you will see that Rock Mafia as both producers and writers of the song along with Antonia Armato who wrote for a lot of Disney stars back in the day – including Miley Cyrus.

Barrera theorises that Miley Cyrus didn’t release it because the song says the word bitch in it, and she was still under Disney at this time so they likely would not have wanted her swearing on her music releases. So JoJo Siwa and her new image and sound are likely not just based on Miley Cyrus, she’s using her old demos!

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