be mindful of why you were invited to the section

Explained: What the ‘be mindful of why you were invited to the section’ memes mean

Can’t escape this on the socials rn

A new meme has been born, and if you’re on X / Twitter or TikTok you will have not been able to escape the phrase “be mindful of why you were invited to the section”. It’s a wordy one, but it garners intrigue – because what on earth is it a reference to and why can’t we get away from it? So many memes are using “be mindful of why you were invited to the section” right now so here’s an explainer on its origins and what it all means anyway!

The original video


Intentional dating is being hyper aware of perception and selective with invitations. There is always an expectation when you’re invited. Someone took interest…but interest in what? What were you doing when you were tapped? #thelittlebrowncharmschool #blackfemininity #intentionaldating

♬ original sound – OJ The DJ

Okay, so the original video was shared on TikTok. It was posted by Quill, who goes by the handle @littlebrowncharmschool and describes her account as “a millennial black woman’s take on dating etiquette, femininity and relationships.”

The video is basically about acting with decorum and being mindful of why you’re wherever you are and to not act up, at least in Quill’s interpretation of what acting up is. It’s not even new – Quill posted this in May 2022!

The memes!

Gay Twitter has gone mad with the video, and the memes are crazy. The Caroline Polachek one below is a hilarious example – using both versions of her Desire I Want To Turn Into You album covers and joking that the one where she’s crawling across the tube floor is bad and the deluxe version is classier.

The same format used again for Lorde and her Solar Power cover, jokingly claiming the main edition with her bum on show is not mindful and she should use the more demure option.

This and parodies of the original video have gone super viral on Twitter and TikTok.

This is basically it! And guys, remember… always be mindful of why you were invited to the section. No excuses.


Ladies!! Be mindful #advice #theclub #bottleservice

♬ Club classics – Charli xcx

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