Freddy Made in Chelsea kidnap

Omg, Freddy from Made in Chelsea was KIDNAPPED while they filmed the series in Corsica

He was bundled into a 4×4 by gangsters

When the Made in Chelsea cast are filming a new series, it looks like nothing but cocktails, shopping, brunch and snogging— with a smattering of drama and betrayal. But while shooting their last series in Corsica, it’s been revealed the youngest member of the cast, Freddy Knatchbull, was momentarily kidnapped by gangsters. Yup, you read that right.

A source told The Sun of the near international incident: “The cast were very worried. There were five burly men. They were intimidating and hostile and locked the doors of the 4×4 with Freddy inside. No one could get hold of him for ages.”

Understandably, panic ensued after Freddy went AWOL: “It was hugely worrying because he’s the youngest but it all ended up OK,” the insider explained. “We had no idea what was going on and whether it was linked to money or he’d just said the wrong thing in French. It’s been kept under lock and key ever since.” It’s understood the show’s bosses weren’t made aware of the drama.

Despite being a luxury holiday destination, Corisca has the highest murder rate per capita in Europe after a “spate of assassinations and mafia-style executions” the BBC has previously reported. In 2012, Jacques Nacer, the president of the southern Corsica chamber of commerce was shot dead in his own shop on the busiest street in the island’s capital, Ajaccio.

Freddy is the great grandson of Lord Mountbatten, who was Prince Philip’s uncle. “My great-grandad, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was very ‘in’ with the royal family,” Freddy told  OK! Magazine. “He was the last English Governor General of India before it became independent and he led the British against Japan in the Second World War. He used to holiday with the royals all the time. I’ve grown up in a generation that isn’t close with the monarchy anymore, but my aunts and uncles are still involved.”

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