Just a list of 17 awful things we’ve learnt about Jack during MAFS Australia 2024

From thinking it’s ok to ‘muzzle’ a woman, to sweating all the time

Are you struggling to keep up with how awful a certain man in the current cast of Married at First Sight is? Well, worry not, because I’ve made a handy list of everything awful we’ve learnt about Jack Dunkley since MAFS Australia 2024 first started.

From him making terrible comments about his fellow cast members, to lying all the time, bad-mouthing his ex and dripping with sweat when he gets confronted over anything – Jack has paved his way to be one of the biggest villains in MAFS history.

Here’s the full list of everything we now know – very much against our own wills – about Jack from MAFS Australia 2024. Read this once and try and forget it ever happened, or keep it forever for your own records, I really don’t mind.

1. He’s ‘like a Christmas ham’ and sweats ALL the time

During one scene of MAFS Australia 2024, Lauren compared Jack to a Christmas ham, and let’s be honest, she was so real for that. He’s constantly red, and sweats so much we’ve seen him ask producers if he can have time out to change his shirt and freshen up.

If you ask me, this is a man who is under PRESSURE of keeping up with his own awfulness. He is swamped by it. He’s on edge.

Someone close to him has revealed the reason for his almost purple skin-tone, and said: “In real life, he is very very tanned. He spends a lot of time tanning and takes his tan very seriously, but so do I. I don’t know, I have to assume he’s not got a specific tanning regime down on this show, maybe he’s freshly come from the sun and it hasn’t settled yet.”

The sweating, though? My only conclusion is stress and guilt. Soz.

2. His relationship with his ex is a MESS

Jack’s ex Courtney Jade has had a lot to say about the Married at First Sight groom since the show began. She claimed instead of telling her he was going to Sydney to start shooting MAFS Australia 2024, Jack told her he was “moving to America for work opportunities” and dumped her to be on the show.

Courtney then claimed Jack cheated on Tori after MAFS Australia finished filming. “I have never dealt with such an awful person until I met him,” she said. “My mental health has suffered due to being completely blindsided and losing my best friend to a reality TV show.”

On MAFS, Jack said his relationship with Courtney was “not serious” and since all her comments, he’s had a restraining order granted against her, meaning she can’t talk about him in public anymore, and needs to stay away from him physically, too.

Jack has now provided a statement about what’s going on, and called Courtney’s messaging him “relentless”. “From the day I ended the relationship I was verbally harassed and abused via text messages, phone calls, voicemails and emails,” he’s claimed. “Over 5,000 receipts worth. Post filming… the severity of the communications I was receiving from Courtney only intensified.”

He added: “I had only known Courtney for three-four months, from our very first encounter to the day I ended our relationship. Given the nature of the relentless communication and trolling online I deemed it necessary to seek advice and file for a protection order for myself and my loved ones.”

via Channel 9 / Instagram

3. He also met up with this ex whilst filming for MAFS Australia

If their messy relationship outside the show wasn’t enough, it’s been revealed Jack spoke about his ex on MAFS, and met up with her, but these scenes were cut.

According to a MAFS Australia 2024 cast member, Jack “left the show for a couple of days to go to Melbourne” to visit his unwell grandmother, but “also flew Courtney down from the Gold Coast to go with him.” He then came clean about meeting his ex during a dinner party, but it was never shown.

4. Jack was living with his ex fiancée during the show?!

If the situ with Courtney wasn’t enough chaos and drama, Jack was apparently still living with another ex – a former fiancée no less – whilst filming was taking place. Apparently the woman called Christie lived with him for ages after they split, and because of their living arrangements Tori and Jack’s homestays week had to be filmed at an Airbnb.

5. He quite literally has wanker tattooed on his arm

Jack Dunkley on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

If you needed anything else to make your mind up about Jack’s personality, he has a “w” and an anchor tattooed on his arm. E4 has even censored the tat in the UK because the show is on before the watershed.

6. He’s been mad-mouthing Tori since the show ended

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Jack and Tori have stayed together since the show, but in amongst all this, Jack has been accused of bad-mouthing her to his clients at work since the experiment came to an end.

Talking in a MAFS fan page about working with Jack, one client presumed the couple must no longer be together because of what he had apparently been heard saying. When asked if they are still together, they said: “I presume not since he’s been telling everyone she ‘turns psycho’ and was apparently flirting with another guy at the reunion.”

7. Jack blamed his awful moustache on an ex girlfriend

Ok so lots of people have been pointing out Jack’s questionable facial hair, and guess what, he has a lame excuse for this too. Yet again he’s going to blame this one an a woman, and has said his ex used to hate it, so he literally grew his moustache like that to spite her. Yes, really.

8. He thinks it’s ok to tell someone to ‘muzzle your woman’

The worst moment for Jack on MAFS Australia 2024, which would sure as hell top this list if they were in order of how vile they are, was when he told Jono to “muzzle his woman” when Lauren was talking. I actually don’t have anything more to add to this, because I think we all know how gross it was, apart from Tori and Jack himself.

Jack Dunkley on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

9. Women’s Aid said he showed ‘controlling and abusive’ behaviour on MAFS Australia 2024

Following the “muzzle your woman” comments, charity Women’s Aid provided a statement to The Tab about Jack’s behaviour on the show.

The statement said MAFS viewers are “increasingly aware of signs of coercive and controlling behaviour, as well as wider topics of domestic abuse and violence against women and girls.” The charity added each season, “viewers will call out disturbing behaviours by contestants and it is vital that producers pay attention – not only vetting contestants properly before they start filming, but also intervening when there is controlling or abusive behaviour from contestants, and even removing them from the show when necessary for the safety of others. ”

10. Jack apparently body-shamed one of his PT clients

It seems as though Jack isn’t too nice of a PT either, as one of his clients has come forward and said he made them “feel like shit” during their sessions and would “always talk about women.” Great!

11. He was ‘coached’ into being a villain on the show

via Channel 9 / E4

So, apparently we shouldn’t be all that shocked by how Jack has come across during MAFS Australia 2024 as it’s been said he got help on how to be a villain to get more airtime. A former client of his has said she helped to “coach” Jack through auditions and encouraged him to lean into his “fuckboy” persona.

“Being a massive reality TV fan myself, I knew that the villains get more attention, I just know that,” she said on the So Dramatic! podcast. “I kind of said to him in the early stages of the interviews, ‘respectfully I know you’re a nice guy but you present as a fuckboy. You have the look of a fuckboy, but deep down you’ve got layers and you are a nice guy. I think if you play that up to get their attention in the audition that will get you on, and then once you’re on the show people will see the real you and it’s all gravy.’ Obviously, that has not come to fruition.”

12. Jack was also accused of making comments about his female co-stars and made Sara feel uncomfortable a couple of times

As well as body-shaming people he works with, whilst filming for MAFS it’s been claimed Jack did a similar thing to the women in the cast. A source told So Dramatic!: “Jack was constantly making snide remarks about the other brides’ looks and insulting them in private and to their faces. He was calling them ugly, fat, too tall, too loud, too old, and stuff like that.”

During the retreat, Sara accused Jack of touching her bum and kissing her neck on one occasion, which he tried to wriggle out of. He said he must have touched her bum “by accident” and only kissed her neck because he’s “awkward” kissing girls when they wear makeup. Blame a woman for something else Jack, I beg you!

13. He lies and lot, and does the same thing every time he’s lying

Jack Dunkley on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

Jack might think he has us fooled, but viewers have spotted what they’re calling a big hint that he’s lying. Apparently, whenever he’s telling fibs Jack will tickle and play with his ear lobe. If you watch the show back, he does it A LOT.

14. He thinks it’s ok to call someone a whale, so long as it’s ‘just banter’

In terms of Jack and his worst moments on-camera during MAFS Australia 2024, his “whale” comments simply have to make the list of being top-tier awful. During the retreat section of the experiment, Jack said the “whales were out” when Timothy and Tristan were around the pool.

He later apologised, but not really, as he said the comment was “just banter” and tried to excuse it by saying he’d actually aimed it at Sara and Jade. This changes how awful it is to say that, how? Don’t even get me started on him then sending Tristan shoddy apology texts and saying he’s there to support his “fitness journey”. The man just gets worse and worse.

15. He likes to discuss women with other men, talking about how ‘hot’ they are

Also whilst at the MAFS Australia couples’ retreat, Timothy said Jack had previously showed him pictures of his ex, to show off “hot hot she is”. Straight after this, Tim said Jack made similar comments to him before, telling him he had the “hottest wife in the experiment.”

16. He has a cap with ‘sex’ written on it

Jack Dunkley on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

But has said he’s not interested in having sex with Tori. Hmmm.

17. Oh, and now after the show he and Tori are charging loads for meet and greets!

If you have $118 to spare, you’re in luck!

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