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MAFS Australia’s Eden’s spilled on the status of her and Sara’s friendship now and… yikes

The beef shows no signs of stopping

They were once friends, but MAFS Australia 2024 girlies Eden and Sara have seen the utter demise of their friendship following one of the biggest Married at First Sight Australia cheating scandals ever, and Eden has broken her silence on the current status of their friendship. As you can probably expect, it was not good news.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it was Eden along with Jayden who exposed the drama that Sara had been sleeping with her ex behind Tim’s back and the chaotic argument that erupted saw Sara storm out of the dinner party. Eden has now revealed how that saga effectively ended the friendship immediately.

“I would try to say ‘hello’ to her after that to try and be civil and OK but she didn’t really give me anything,” Eden told 9Entertainment: “We never spoke properly after that, we didn’t have it out or have a conversation about it. It was pretty clear [Sara] didn’t like me very much and she avoided me after that.”

Eden also bluntly confessed she had no regrets about exposing what Sara did and the resulting kick offs that followed.

“Five years ago, when I was cheated on there were a lot of people who told me it wasn’t my place to say anything,” Eden explained: “After that I promised myself that it would be my place to say something if it ever happened to someone else, I don’t care who they were or how I knew them.”

Well, that’s that friendship ship well and truly sailed then, isn’t it? Yikes.

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