MAFS Australia Tahnee Sara

Tahnee’s chipped in on the Sara’s MAFS Australia cheating scandal and she was SAVAGE

‘This is such a smoking gun’

Married at First Sight Australia icon Tahnee Cook has weighed in with her two pence on the MAFS cheating scandal around Sara, after it all exploded last week. She didn’t mince her words, and gave a savage but very fair verdict on how it all went down.

It all blew up recently when Eden and Jayden exposed the cheating scandal to the group, and Sara’s villain arc emerged full throttle.

Speaking in her role as columnist for Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, Tahnee went in on the Sara MAFS cheating scandal. “Eden drops a bomb that Sara was seeing her ex over the weekend – asking Eden to borrow something nice to wear and then admitting to lying to Tim about where she was. This is such a smoking gun as we now know why she had a problem with Tim going through her phone – it’s clear she did have something to hide,” Tahnee explained.

She continued: “I think the more shocking thing about this being exposed is that Sara admitted to her ex cheating on his girlfriend with her. This is even more disappointing knowing that Sara had expressed the hurt she felt having been cheated on but is now admitting to enabling that with the same ex who did this to her. It’s all very confusing, and I’m completely unsure what to believe at this point because the math ain’t mathing!”

“I think what made the situation entirely worse was how Sara was being caught out by the different lies being told. I’m leaning towards something that did happen with the ex, which honestly makes me feel for Tim in this situation. I feel like they were just getting to a good place and this has just unraveled all of that progress.”

Honestly, she couldn’t have put it better if she was a MAFS expert. Queen.

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