MAFS Australia 2024 star Richard dancing on a night out in TikTok video

This video of Richard from MAFS Australia giving it everything on the dance floor is incredible

Not him dancing to My Neck, My Back

Right now there’s a video going round of Richard from MAFS Australia 2024 giving it his all on the dance floor on a night out – and if I can have my day made by something as simple as this, you deserve to as well.

Richard and Andrea have had a journey on Married at First Sight together. They looked for some parts like they’d really found something, but also struggled with the photo rating challenge, and Richard making some pretty explicit comments about Andie in front of the rest of the group.

But there’s one thing Richard doesn’t struggle with – and that’s being in his sixties but still busting a move as well as anyone whilst on a night out. Someone on TikTok has shared a video of them spotting him in a nightclub, and when I say he’s going for it, I mean it.


When you spot Richard from #MAFS on the dance floor

♬ original sound – aliiscoollike

It appears that Richard is on the dance floor alone, and the original poster has said in the comments he was out at Flamingo Lounge in Sydney. “When you spot Richard from MAFS on the dance floor,” they captioned the clip.

In it, Richard can be seen dancing to classic hit My Neck, My Back – which honestly, just makes this even more perfect. “Slay,” one comment simply said. Another added: “Didn’t recognise him without his scarf.” Tbh, same.

In the video there’s a neon sign behind Richard which reads “Young, wild and free” and someone in the comments said: “Old, wild and free.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Brb, going to watch this a million times on repeat.

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