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Thank god! A dentist has spoken out about Jack from MAFS’ unsettlingly dazzling teeth

I’d recommend wearing your sunglasses to read this one

Finally, the moment everyone watching MAFS Australia has been waiting for: A top dentist has given his expert verdict and analysis on Jack Dunkley’s teeth. The white blinders have been a cause of much fascination and debate throughout his villainous run on the show, and now a dentist gives the professional and damning verdict on why they’re so… to put it bluntly, clapped.

Dentist based down under Dr Sam Koh has spoken out about Jack and his teeth in a TikTok video.


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In the TikTok, Dr Koh says “When he does big smiles [his natural teeth are] more obvious, but when he rests his lips you can’t really see the natural teeth. He’s gone for that straight Hollywood white smile.

“It’s hard to tell if Jack has had the bottom ones done too because they also look quite bright, but most of the photos show him smiling with his top front teeth only.

“In my opinion, it would have been nice to see Jack have a few more veneers on either side. You can see his six front teeth stop short of where final smile goes to his lips, it makes it look like he’s got a gap. To me the veneers are also a bit too long, as they tuck underneath his lower lip.”

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Dr Koh then said “It definitely looks like his old teeth were darker and also a lot narrower or crooked. So in a way, the teeth are definitely improved as now the six teeth have a whiter colour and are straighter. However, as he has only had six teeth done, it further highlights his natural teeth and smile being narrower, smaller and darker.

“This then in turn makes the six teeth done look even bigger and whiter due to the contrast. Although I still think the teeth are too white, long and bulky, it does also in a way match his appearance and personality and for that reason has improved his smile for him.

“If only he just added at least a couple more teeth on either side so he can feel more comfortable speaking and smiling bigger as well!”

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