MAFS Australia 2024 brides personality quiz

Which MAFS Australia 2024 bride are you? Take this quiz to find out

I beg I’m Lauren

At this point, I feel as though I’m best friends with most of the women on MAFS Australia 2024 – so yes, it’s vital information to have a quiz that will tell you which bride from the experiment you’re most like.

Are you a ray of sunshine bringing peace and light no matter where you go like Lucinda? Or maybe you’re our queen of chaos Lauren, putting people in their place every day for fun. Are you at the centre of drama, but only when you’re not out for brunch with the girls like Sara? Or maybe a little too loyal to your partner, like Tori and Eden? Maybe you’re more of a Cassandra? She’s kind and sweet, but will definitely let you know if you’ve done wrong. Or maybe you’re Ellie? A loving and kind soul, but never one to be walked all over.

There are loads of possibilities, but you really can only be one bride from MAFS Australia 2024. In the quiz below you’ll be asked 10 questions about your personality and how you would play the Married at First Sight experiment, before being matched with your 2024 girl cast member spirit animal. I hope you get your fav!

Find out in the quiz below which bride from MAFS Australia 2024 you really are:

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