JoJo Siwa Cosmetic

Erm, JoJo Siwa just revealed that she spent $50,000 on a cosmetic procedure!?

50 grand on cosmetic work aged 20 is wild

The JoJo Siwa tea is at fever pitch right now – and it just got a lot wilder during the promo run for her new single and ‘grown up’ rebrand she’s in the midst of for Karma. JoJo Siwa has been saying a lot of wild stuff on red carpets and in interviews for Karma, but she’s now spilt a big amount she’s spent on a cosmetic procedure aged just 20 years old. Wild.

Speaking on the red carpet of the GLAAD Media Awards 2024, JoJo Siwa joked with Buzzfeed that the most expensive thing she was wearing were her teeth, saying “My teeth – these motherf–kers cost me 50 grand.”

50 grand for her veneers! My cheap NHS dentist is shaking as I write this I fear. JoJo Siwa had previously said regarding dental cosmetic work on a livestream with fans last year that her teeth are so white because she “picked out the whitest colour.”

The JoJo Siwa era right now has been wild – and Karma has kind of taken over the online world. JoJo spoke about the reaction to her new era to E News on the red carpet this week. “People are afraid of things they don’t know. Things can be scary for people. New things can be very, very scary.

“The way that I’m able to keep going and keep being like, ‘Wait, actually what I’m doing is right,'” JoJo said, “is because some of the most respected people in the world have come up to me and been like, ‘What you’re doing right now is so right. It is what the world needs, and I’m learning from what you are doing right now.'”

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