Love Island’s Paige speaks out about Finn’s ‘fling with MAFS star’ and it’s getting salty

‘The last I heard he was getting to know someone else pretty well’

In the last few days it’s been reported Love Island winners Paige and Finn have called off getting back together after it was revealed he slept with a MAFS star. Now, she’s spoken out about what happened and it looks as though we could have a messy back and forth on our hands.

Paige and Finn won the first winter Love Island series together, but three years later it was announced they had split up. Recently they were both cast in Ex on the Beach, and it was reported following this, they had decided to give their relationship another go.

However, this all came to a quick end when it was said Finn had slept with MAFS star Tamara Joy, who had also been in Ex on the Beach alongside the former couple. Speaking about this, Paige has clapped back at anyone who thinks they staged their original breakup to be on Ex on the Beach, and made a salty reference to Finn quickly moving on with someone else.

Paige and Finn on Ex on the Beach, MAFS star Tamara Joy

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Speaking on the latest episode of the Straight to the Comments! podcast Paige was asked: “Hold on, did you fake your breakup with Mr Finn Tapp?” Paige replied: “No, I wish I did, to be honest – less traumatic!”

Then, confirming she and Finn are completely over now, she shadily said: “The last I heard, he was getting to know another cast member pretty well.” She added: “I think people think we’re together now, let me rest assure, we’re not.”

Finn apparently slept with Tamara Joy, and Paige decided things were over for good between them. A source told The Sun: “The fling came out of nowhere on a boozy night out with some of the cast the night before the show launched. It left everyone shocked.”

Finn is said to be “furious” at himself for ruining the opportunity to get back with Paige. She is friends with Tamara, and a source said she feels “betrayed and uncomfortable” by what happened.

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