Netflix skip the foreplay

Debunked: Is Netflix’s viral ‘skip the foreplay’ feature actually real?

It ‘removes naughty scenes’ from shows like Bridgerton

Never does the urge to make small talk about weekend plans or go and put the kettle on as when you’re watching a sex scene with your family. Universally, it’s up there with one of life’s most uncomfortable moments and from Saltburn to Bridgerton, we’ve all been burned before.

So, it made total sense when a post went viral on Twitter/X on Monday claiming the Netflix had decided to launch a “‘skip the foreplay'” feature to the site, which “removes naughty scenes to make family movie night less awkward”.

In a screen grab shared alongside the post, you could see Netflix’s new prompt beneath an episode of of Bridgerton, suggesting: “Skip the foreplay, literally. Make family movie night less awkward by deleting naughty scenes from this show.”

The post quickly gained 143k likes. “Game of Thrones would have been two minutes of episode time,” commented one user. “Billion dollar idea,” added another. “This is so necessary,” said a third.

But, as the “skip the foreplay feature” still remains absent from the site, it’s clear not everything about the viral new Netflix change isn’t exactly as it seems. So, here’s all you need to know:

Ok, so is Netflix’s new ‘skip the foreplay’ feature actually real?

Netflix skip the foreplay

Credit: Netflix

Sadly, the Netflix “skip the foreplay” feature is actually fake. It was created as a joke by Soren Iverson, who’s gained thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter by posting fake tech updates, which would actually be kind of genius.

Other of Soren’s ideas include Instagram blocking you from seeing any posts until you’ve got your chores done and being able to pay to remove people’s photo filters on dating apps to know what they really look like.

“Well this blew up,” Soren said of his Netflix post. “I make unhinged stuff like this daily so if you lol’d at this (or breathed through the nose a lil at least), then pls DEMOLISH that follow button.” Sob.

Wait, but why the ‘skip the foreplay’ feature idea and what’s it got to do with Nicola Coughlan??

Skip the foreplay Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Although Soren is yet to reveal his inspiration for the “skip the foreplay feature” prank, it comes after Nicola Coughlan revealed she has a family friendly clause in her Bridgerton contract, which swerves her filming any intimate scenes.

“It’s literally written into my contract,” she said on SiriusXM Hits 1 last Thursday. “People think I’m like saying it as a joke. I just don’t want to. I grew up Irish Catholic. That’s just not how we vibe.”

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