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There was another MAFS Australia editing error last night and it’s a DISASTER

How did this get missed!?

Another day, another huge MAFS Australia editing error last night – and this one is all about Richard and Andrea when they were on the couch talking to the experts in last night’s episode of Married at First Sight when it aired over here in the UK.

This is not the first time the editors have been called out for a clunky edit – leading to accusations of the show being staged – but it is one of the most glaringly obvious ones that has fans thinking how on earth did the show miss this when splicing clips of the episode together.

In last night’s episode, the editing error concerned Andrea and Richard from MAFS Australia as their clothes changed completely between two clips during the commitment ceremony.

Via Facebook

In last night’s episode, Richard and Andrea were wearing the clothes on the left, but in one stray clip the episode showed them in completely different outfits – taken from an earlier episode in the series.

Fans on Facebook spotted the error, and it only fuels fires of how edited the show is and how the producers tweak proceedings to build narratives.

It isn’t even the first of the series. Just a few weeks ago there were two editing errors which showed amounts of food increasing and decreasing between shots, and editing the way Tori was looking compared to what she was actually looking at. Authenticity is live and well down under!

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