Wait, Timothy spent time in max security prisons for drug offences before MAFS Australia?!

Excuse me, WHAT?!

Timothy spent time in prison, including multiple maximum-security jails, for drug offences before MAFS Australia 2024, it’s been reported. I’m sorry but what is going on?!

As well as being married for seven years before the show, it seems there have been quite a few bits of his history Timothy has avoided talking about whilst taking part in the experiment. So Dramatic! has revealed he was sentenced in 2006 for drug trafficking commercial amounts of drugs in the US.

“Timothy did hard jail time overseas for smuggling large quantities of marijuana,” a source close to the groom claimed to So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto. “He was living in Vancouver at the time, and he met up with some people who got him into a drug deal. He would fly large amounts of marijuana across the country in a helicopter.”

Timothy had been returning to the US to visit his unwell mother when he was “intercepted by the police in Los Angeles.” The source added: “He was already on their radar and under investigation, so he was taken away for questioning and later charged.”

The publication is reporting that several sources have backed up the claims made and confirmed Timothy “used to have a helicopter” which he would use for “drug runs”.

Timothy spent time in prison before MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

One source said Timothy was sentenced to one year in prison. However they add that following his jail stint, he also spent three to five months in immigration prison in 2007 before being deported back to Australia. “He spent time in super-maximum prisons in Washington State, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico,” the source claimed.

The insider said that some of the tragic family loses Timothy has spoken about whilst on MAFS Australia 2024 happened whilst he was in prison. He has opened up about how his mother and brother died within months of each other, and the source said this happened whilst Timothy was locked up.

“Timothy really paid the price for what he did,” the source concluded. “When he returned to Australia, he had nothing. He was deported from a country he had built his entire life in and can never go back to. He really struggled, and it was really hard for him, but he managed to overcome it.”

Update: Timothy has now spoken out about his past, read in full here.

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