Lauren claps back in fiery DMs to MAFS Australia 2024 meme page that shaded Sara

‘Pick on what you see her do on the show, but this is just too far’

MAFS Australia 2024 bride Lauren Dunn has clapped back at an Instagram meme page that shaded her co-star Sara Mesa in a post. DMs from Lauren have been shared, in which she can be seen defending her friend, after the page posted a nasty meme aimed at Sara.

The account, Mafs.Bachie.Reality, shared a video of an older woman dancing on the beach in a bikini and said the shot was “Sara in 50 years”. On Sara’s socials she has previously posted videos of herself in a bikini, and some dancing on the beach.

Clearly Lauren didn’t think there was much of a joke to be had there, as the Instagram page has leaked screenshots of DMs it got from her, branding the post “bullying” and not at all funny.

Lauren from MAFS Australia 2024 messaging an Instagram meme account

via Instagram

“This is nasty and bullying,” Lauren said in her messages. “A woman bullying another woman for her looks isn’t cool. Pick on what you see her do on the show, but this is just too far.”

The account holder replied: “Stop trying to control us all. We can post what we want. It’s not about her looks, it’s about her lame TikToks.” Lauren then said the account had “missed the point” before it then called Lauren “a bully” and asked her to “leave me alone.”

In a huge rant, the account then posted to say it had blocked Lauren, calling her a “hypocrite” and accusing her of messaging “nasty” messages before, and asking them to take down posts. “Fuck off Lauren, you are so fucking entitled,” they posted.


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