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LGBTQ+ music stars are dragging JoJo Siwa for saying she wants to invent a ‘gay pop’ genre

Open the schools!!!

JoJo Siwa has barely left the headlines since she launched her new “grown up” era for her single Karma, and whilst she’s been promoting it she’s just constantly put her foot in it saying ridiculous things that have either become memes or got very ridiculed – with people comparing her outbursts to the iconic cringe of Debby Ryan. But the latest guff comes from JoJo Siwa saying she wants to invent a new genre, called ‘gay pop’. Which obviously got roasted considering queer artists have been making music that’s very gay for a number of years!

Speaking to Billboard, JoJo said“I said it back in the day, when I first signed with Columbia. I said, ‘I wanna start a new genre of music.’ And they said, ‘What do you mean?’ And I said, ‘Well, it’s called gay pop.’ And they were like, ‘What’s that?’ And I was like, ‘It’s like K-pop, right? But it’s gay pop.’”

The best response to JoJo Siwa declaring herself as the pounding pioneer of ‘gay pop’ comes from the only people it actually could legitimately come from: Tegan and Sara.

Those girlies have been doing it for ages!

The memes and responses to what she said have been golden too, with people on Twitter having a good laugh about it, with one artist saying “I’m so glad I can finally make gay pop music now that JoJo Siwa invented it, thanks queen.” But the best and funniest has to go to “Are you ready for your gay pop lessons? Lady Gaga gulped. Kylie Minogue shuddered. Madonna nodded. RuPaul began to cry. Charli XCX blinked nervously.

“‘Yes, JoJo Siwa’, they said in unison.”

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