Prince Andrew spoken out Scoop

Prince Andrew has spoken out about Scoop and is apparently ‘delighted’ at his portrayal

Ermmm okay??

So Prince Andrew has spoken out about his portrayal in Scoop and he’s apparently “delighted” by it. Umm okay?

He also said that although he regrets doing the interview overall, he thought Rufus Sewell’s portrayal of him showed how he was “an extremely good convenor of people”.

A friend of Prince Andrew’s who has spoken to him since Scoop was released told The Daily Beast: “Obviously Andrew regrets doing the interview, and if he had his time again he wouldn’t do it.

“That said, he feels Scoop is much more even-handed than he expected. It’s fair to say he was delighted by Rufus Sewell’s portrayal of him.”

Prince Andrew spoken out Scoop

Via Netflix

Another friend of his added that the show showed Prince Andrew’s “valuable role” in the Royal Family. “I think the show, to the satisfaction of everyone who actually knows the guy, made clear that Andrew was an extremely good convener of people,” they said.

“He did actually play a valuable role for the royals with Pitch@Palace and his other business-focused advocacy work. When he was at a business meet and greet in a conference room in Hong Kong, there was real energy when he entered the room. Those things are otherwise as dull as ditch water. He flew the flag for British business. He knows he screwed up monumentally over Epstein—but nobody is now doing what he did then. He still has a lot to offer.”

The friend added: “The irony of course is that Newsnight got gutted anyway [the nightly show was cut to 30 minutes, and more than half of its 60 staff were fired], and Andrew is very much back in the fold.” Gonna need to know what because in the fold means ASPS because ???

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