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So, did Emily Maitlis actually take her dog into work at The BBC like she does on Scoop?

I am eternally jealous

So now you’ve watched Scoop on Netflix, a film which retells the car crash Newsnight interview of Prince Andrew, the first thing you were probably wondering is whether Prince Andrew’s insane teddy bear collection is actually real and, I hate to break it to you, but it’s very real.

But another thing you were undoubtedly questioning is whether Emily Maitlis actually took her dog, Moody the whippet, to work at The BBC every day as she does in Scoop. And we finally have answers.

So, did Emily Maitlis actually take her dog to work?

Yes, she did! So in the show, Emily goes on walks and runs with Moody and then has him with her at the Newsnight studio. In one scene, she references how often he’s there, saying, “Three women and a whippet? Wouldn’t have seen that in a BBC studio when I started.”

And in real life, it might not have been every single day, but Emily did often bring her dog to work. A BBC insider told The Daily Mail: “Emily loves that dog so much, and he would often be at her side when she came to work. It was just one of those things that happened.”

But, sources confirmed she never brought Moody to the office when she was presenting, only occasionally when she was doing prep work.

Are BBC employees allowed to take dogs to work now?

So although they might have made exceptions for Emily, sadly BBC employees are not allowed to bring their dogs into work now, confirms Jane Hill a BBC News presenter. She said if they were, her border collie would have made an appearance on BBC News. Brb petitioning for this to happen, please.

Does Emily Maitlis still have her dog Moody now?

Some more good news though, Emily Maitlis still has her whippet Moody and her Insta is full of pictures of him. I am obsessed!

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