Three MAFS Australia 2024 couples have shockingly split since the reunion was filmed

It’s all falling apart!

It’s been a wild ride throughout the entire MAFS Australia 2024 experiment – but the drama didn’t end after the reunion, with reports couples have split and fights erupting still coming in thick and fast.

Oh, you thought the reunion happens and then the couples settle down into normal life and leave reality TV drama behind them? Oh no, no. This is where it all begins. Since the show wrapped filming, it’s been reported three couples dramatically called it quits, with some getting back together, and some breaking up FOUR times.

So, here’s a rundown of which MAFS Australia 2024 couples have split since making it to the reunion, and what went down.

Eden and Jayden

MAFS Australia 2024 couples who have split since reunion

via Channel 9 / E4

Despite looking as though they’ve made it last after the experiment, it’s now being reported that Eden and Jayden have ended their relationship. In interviews they have said they are “better than ever” together, and they’ve been pictured out looking all loved up, but now it’s been said they have in fact split up.

It’s been reported Jayden and Eden have broken up four times since filming ended, the first being after the reunion wrapped. They were said to be fighting, and Jayden dumped Eden over Christmas, which was just a few days after filming had finished.

Apparently the couple didn’t speak for weeks over the festive period, but then Jayden believed this would “make him look bad” so “came grovelling” to Eden to take him back.

Now, So Dramatic! has reported everything is all over for the couple, and they’ve been broken up for weeks. Apparently, despite their picture-perfect looking relationship on the show, a cast member has claimed it wasn’t all as good behind closed doors.

Sara and Tim

via Channel 9 / E4

Sara and Tim had a rocky journey on MAFS Australia 2024, but despite everything, managed to still be together at the final vows and reunion. However, it’s been reported they have split since filming wrapped. They’ve both been pictured with other people since the show, and according to So Dramatic! Tim is back with his ex.

Sara has confirmed she and Tim called it a day around a month after the reunion, calling their relationship “a constant battle.” Ouch.

“We didn’t speak for a little while after; it was hard for us both, but a few months down the track, we started talking again,” she told 9Entertainment. “We’re definitely friends now. We are very amicable. It’s been good to be on good terms because we went through this crazy ride together.”

Jade and Ridge

MAFS Australia 2024 couples who have split since reunion

via Channel 9 / E4

It appears it’s been a bit messy for Jade and Ridge since filming wrapped. Straight away after the experiment ended, it was reported Jade and Ridge were still together. Despite it coming out after the show that Ridge apparently cheated on Jade with two of his exes after filming, and got two women pregnant (yes, really), they appeared to have worked it all out.

It’s been reported they split up right after the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, following a pretty big fight, but they are believed to have got back together now. After the show, Jade and Ridge have been doing interviews talking about their future together, and the want to have a family.

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