What Jennifer Did: Where is Jennifer Pan’s father Huei Hann Pan now?

He survived the shocking ordeal

What Jennifer Did is out on Netflix now, and the true crime documentary tells the story of Jennifer Pan and her plot to kill her parents, Bich Ha Pan and Huei Hann Pan.

Vietnamese couple Bich Ha Pan and Huei Hann Pan had created a nice life for themselves after moving to Canada, and had lived there happily for 30 years. The couple had always been strict parents, and pushed daughter Jennifer and son Felix to try their best academically.

Huei Hann Pan found out that his daughter Jennifer had lied to him about having a college degree and hadn’t even finished high school. He also didn’t approve of Jennifer’s choice of boyfriend.

The family’s world changed in November 2010, when in the middle of the night masked men raided the family home. At first it seemed as though it was burglary, when the masked men asked Jennifer’s parents to hand over all of their money. Then the masked men took the couple into the basement and shot them. Mother Bich was killed instantly, but father Hann survived.

One of the key things that meant Jennifer was found out was her father’s testimony. He was placed into a coma after the incident, but when he came round said his daughter had been talking to the intruders as though she knew them.

Huei Hann Pan, What Jennifer Did, Netflix

Huei Hann Pan being taken to hospital, via Netflix

Where is Huei Hann Pan now?

Huei Hann Pan gave evidence at his daughter’s trial. He said her motive had been his and his wife’s strict nature, and an ultimatum he had previously posed to Jennifer. He had said she needed to knuckle down more, or leave the family home completely.

It’s now been nearly 15 years since the home invasion Jennifer Pan was found to have orchestrated killed her mother and injured her father. In 2014 a judge found her guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life in prison with no parole for 25 years for first-degree murder, and life for attempted murder. She is now appealing.

As for her father, the Netflix documentary states Hann Pan has been granted a lifetime non-contact order against his daughter. It’s also been reported that after the lengthy trial, he considering selling the family home, but this was made difficult because of the huge media attention his case had drawn.

Huei Hann Pan is now in his 70s and believed to be trying to keep a low profile and enjoy a quieter life. However, it has been reported he has struggled with stress and mental health issues because of what he went through.

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