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All of JoJo Siwa’s wildest Dance Moms moments we totally forgot about

‘Jojo! Have you learned nothing!’

From Boomerang to Karma, Jojo Siwa has got everyone talking about her dramatic rebrand. Is she a good girl gone bad? Is she really the first celebrity to create gay pop? And does this mean there’s no more Jojo with the bow bow? It’s a lot to take in.

Although Jojo Siwa has gained recognition for different reasons over the years, real ones know that she first showed up in the TV show, Dance Moms. And her time on the series was quite turbulent. Even though she has now left her days of dance competitions and the ALDC far behind her, we can never forget the iconic footprint she left behind, especially the high, side pony hairstyle with the gigantic bow.

So, from talking back to Abby Lee Miller to winning dance competitions, here are some of Jojo Siwa’s wildest Dance Moms momentswe totally forgot about:

1. Jojo’s first introduction

JoJo Siwa Dance Moms

Credit: Lifetime

In Season 5, episode 3, Jojo Siwa was brought in by Abby Lee Miller as a “guest”. During the pyramid, Abby was giving out her solos, but there was a twist. Where Abby said that this dancer really “nails the characters” and has “proven that in the past”, the girls thought it would be one of them. But, in comes Jessalynn and Jojo receiving a lyrical solo number in replacement of Maddie. Immediately, Jojo made her mark in the ALDC as she asked, “do you think I could replace Chloe?”, which Abby said “you could replace anybody”. Straight away putting Jojo as competition for the OG girls. Jaws were dropped.

2. When she got her first solo win

JoJo Siwa Dance Moms

Credit: Disney+

In Season 5, episode 13, Jojo  beat Kenzie Ziegler with her solo number called Fancy. This was her first win and, she beat an OG. Abby said that Jojo was “hungry” for the win, whereas, Kenzie had gotten sloppy as she was “born into” Dance Moms. Quite a big moment for young Jojo. Slay.

3. When she was at top of the pyramid for the first time

JoJo Siwa Dance Moms

Credit: Lifetime

After her solo win, Jojo finally achieved the top spot on the pyramid in Season 5, episode 14. The top spot that all the girls constantly fought for week in, week out. Shows how hard work pays off.

4. When she became part of the team

JoJo Siwa Dance Moms

Credit: Lifetime

In season 5, episode 11, Jojo became part of the ALDC and earned her team jacket. But, in quite a brutal way. Abby got the rest of the girls to read out the reasons why Jojo should/ shouldn’t be part of the team, which left Jojo in tears. Seriously, it was horrendous. But, she finally earned her spot, even if it was in a mean way. Tough love.

5. When she asked Gina the order of the solos

JoJo Siwa Dance Moms

Credit: Twitter/X

It comes at no surprise that Jojo was branded as “loud”, “mouthy” and “opinionated” during her time on Dance Moms. Even though she was only 11 years old, Jojo was quick to speak her mind, which did not always land her in the best positions with Abby. Whilst preparing for the competition, Jojo asked Gina (the choreographer) “do you know the order of the solos?” which caused Abby to scream the iconic line “Jojo! Have you learnt nothing?”.

6. Jojo’s comebacks

And, of course, Jojo spoke her mind quite a lot during her time on Dance Moms. After Abby placed Jojo fifth on the pyramid as she placed fifth in the competition for the Carrie-inspired dance routine, this caused a fuss from Jessalynn saying that she did well in the number. Once Jojo starts crying as Abby takes down her picture from the pyramid, Abby tells her “You can’t stand there and cry”, which caused Jojo to say the iconic comeback “well if you yell at me, I’m going to cry”. This may have caused her to be told to leave but she came back, apologised and honestly, she had a lot of confidence to do that as a 11-year-old girl. She really did come back like a boomerang. Good for her.

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