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Um, JoJo Siwa’s new song was recorded in 2012 by someone else and there’s a music video?

The plot thickens daily

Another twist in the silly little JoJo Siwa tale has arrived – her new single Karma was recorded by an artist called Brit Smith back in 2012, has a full on music video that even has Timbaland pop up in it. What on earth is going on!?

JoJo Siwa has been talking about her new single Karma like she’s spent months and years writing it – even though she has no writing credits. There are rumours it was originally meant for Miley Cyrus, which you can read the full tale of here. On Karma, JoJo Siwa said “This song is special, “Karma” is special. This was 2 years ago, so I was, I was 18 still. I was very afraid of the lyrics of “KARMA”. I wasn’t ready to say “I was a bad girl”. I wasn’t ready to say “I should’ve known better / If I had a wish I would’ve never effed around”, “Another late night, another crazy mood / And I didn’t think twice what it would do to you”. I didn’t feel comfortable saying that yet, I didn’t feel comfortable singing that yet.

“But I– I told her “This song is special, I want it. It’s never, never going to be my first song”. And I remember saying that, I was like “It’s never going to be my first song because it’s too much. But yes, like I want it, and it’ll eventually see the light of day with me”. And this when I was planning on my music coming out in 2 months. Little did I know it was gonna be two years.”

In the video uploaded this week and quickly gone viral on TikTok, Brit Smith recorded a song called Karma’s A Bitch which has the exact same lyrics as Karma by JoJo Siwa but fans love it a lot more thanks to the production and Brit’s vocals. It never got an official release, and was clearly sold to JoJo Siwa for release. This is completely fine, of course – and goes on all the time – but considering what JoJo has been saying about the song it’s no wonder everyone’s finding it insane.

Brit Smith only has one song released on Spotify, and it’s alas not the bop Karma’s A Bitch. She now releases music under the name Matisse. She was previously in a semi successful duo with her sister, known as Brit & Alex.

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