Jack and Tori had a huge row with producers and stormed out the reunion TWICE

‘They went ballistic – it was so intense’

It’s been revealed that a couple had a huge row with producers at the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, and ended up storming out. You guessed it! It was Jack and Tori!

The reunion always sees the show out with a bang. The cast members come together for one last dinner party when they can iron out previous scandals, lies and dramas. However, it turns out a lot was cut from the final episodes of MAFS Australia 2024.

Things got very heated for controversial couple Jack and Tori, who had a bust up with producers and stormed out ahead of the final commitment ceremony. A cast member told So Dramatic! the couple arrived tense and clearly “did not want to be there”. Apparently multiple people had tried to contact Jack’s ex Courtney, to get her to crash the reunion – which he obviously wasn’t impressed with.

“Lauren, Sara and Timothy pretty much annihilated Jack, as usual,” the participant added. “Tori and Jack eventually stormed out of the dinner party and left.” This was cut was because Jack’s ex is currently pursuing legal action against Channel Nine and Jack.

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But the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion row didn’t end there. The couples then returned to see their recaps at the final commitment ceremony and Jack and Tori “blew up” at producers because they got a “bad edit”.

The cast member said: “Tori and Jack blew up at producers and accused them of giving them a bad edit and claimed that they didn’t show any of their good times together. They went ballistic and chucked a hissy fit. It was so intense.”

Apparently, what made Jack and Tori “so shocked” was that they “thought they were the main characters and the best couple on the show”. The insider added: “It wasn’t a bad edit – it was the truth. Exactly how they were and what happened, and how every other single person there saw it. They really thought they were going to come off as the golden couple of the season.”


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