They’ve been messy since MAFS Australia, so here’s if Jade and Ridge are still together

Will any of the couples have a smooth run?

We’re now getting to the point where we’re obsessing over the Married at First Sight couples and their lives after the experiment. So one MAFS Australia 2024 couple we’re all desperate to know are still together or not is Jade and Ridge.

The pair entered the experiment as late arrivals – and it got off to a shaky start with Ridge coming across as pretty immature, branding his new wife “dece” at every given opportunity. However, they then bonded really well together, and were going strong in the experiment.

So, are MAFS Australia 2024 couple Jade and Ridge still together now?

Jade and Ridge on MAFS Australia 2024

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Are Jade and Ridge still together after MAFS Australia 2024?

It’s been a messy ride for Jade and Ridge since MAFS Australia 2024 – it seems they broke up after the reunion, but then got back together and are still an item now.

Straight away after the experiment ended, it was reported Jade and Ridge were still together. This was despite it coming out after the show that Ridge apparently cheated on Jade with two of his exes after filming, and got two women pregnant.

They then apparently split up right after the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, following a pretty big fight. They are said to have had a “massive falling out” the night before the episode was filmed, and went on to break up in the weeks after filming the reunion.

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that in the month between filming final vows and returning for the reunion, Jade and Ridge were “on-and-off and split many times” and had a “huge fight” the night before the dinner party part of the reunion. They then officially split up.

It’s all fine now though – they are back together! After the show, Jade and Ridge have been doing interviews talking about their future together, and their shared want to have a family. Cute!

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