Revealed: The full juicy letter Timothy and Lucinda wrote to Jack and Tori on MAFS Australia

Oh there’s a very good reason this was blurred on the show

This week on MAFS Australia 2024 it’s been feedback week – and as part of this we saw Timothy and Lucinda write a letter to chaos couple Jack and Tori. The page was blurred on the screen for viewers, because it contained some very spicy content.

However, So Dramatic! has uncovered the letter Timothy and Lucinda wrote for Jack and Tori on MAFS Australia in full – and now I completely understand why it wasn’t shown. Of course, I’m not going to gate keep, we’re spilling it all here for you.

“In the spirit of feedback week, myself and Lucinda are going to give Jack and Tori some feedback that should benefit and clear up a lot of questions,” Timothy said on the show. We then saw him and Lucinda deliver the anonymous letter to Jack and Tori’s apartment.

Letter Timothy and Lucinda wrote Jack and Tori during feedback week on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

They called themselves the “bullshit investigators” and said they were “calling bullshit on you two”. The letter spoke a lot about Jack’s ex, and Tori called the letter “juvenile”.

In full, it said: “This is the BULLSHIT INVESTIGATORS, and we’re calling BULLSHIT on you two! You two are both sexual people, why haven’t you had sex? The pressure of the experiment is not an excuse. Every week, you say you’re building? To what?

“Why was it that at the commitment ceremony, you were both lounging on each other on the couch and then as soon as you got up in front of the experts, you were acting as if there was a problem? The minute you were off the couch, you were back in the same position?”

Letter Timothy and Lucinda wrote Jack and Tori during feedback week on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

It then went on to address Jack’s ex Courtney, who he dumped to be on the show, and has since had a restraining order granted against because she was talking about their relationship in the press.

The letter continued: “The girl in the article: Jack, you have openly said that she is batshit crazy, that you’ve blocked her from everywhere, yet you show naked photos of her without her permission. Why is it that Tori speaks of you two getting married in Spain after this experiment, and Jack knows nothing about the wedding in Spain? Get your stories together.”

The reason the letter wasn’t shown in full is because it’s been previously alleged Jack showed nude photos of his ex Courtney to the other grooms, and this story was cut from the show for legal reasons.

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