A rundown of easter eggs and nods to the game in the new Fallout TV show

Any lifelong fan will be very happy

If you’re a massive fan of the Fallout games like me, you’ve probably been completely gagging for the new Amazon live action TV series and desperate to know if it can live up to the source material. Honestly, Fallout the TV show is as great an adaptation of the game as The Last of Us was – truly amazing storytelling with an original story in the same universe (that’s canon) and one chock full of nods to the games for fans whilst being accessible for people who’ve never played. Here’s a rundown of all the easter eggs and nods to the games in the first few episodes of Fallout on Amazon!

The TV adverts

Pre-bomb, the party at the start of the first episode has adverts which nod to products fans of the game will have known for years including Nuka Cola and Grognak – the game you can play on your Pip Boy in Fallout 4.

Lucy’s stats

When we first meet Lucy, she reels off her skills in a montage – this is a nod to the games’ S.P.E.C.I.A.L character creation, where you assign different stats to your character to give them more identity in the game and match them to your playstyle. For the sake of the show, Lucy is our created character.

Lucy’s brother playing Atomic Command

On your Pip Boy playing Fallout 4, you can play a mini game called Atomic Command. Lucy’s brother is playing it in the vault.


After the fight in the first episode, Lucy goes to the bathroom to heal up just like in the games – there’s a medikit on the wall just like they are when you’re raiding houses in Fallout.

The raiders are using Jet

Like on Bethesda’s other big IP The Elder Scrolls with Skooma, the Fallout universe has an addictive drug called Jet. The raiders are using Jet when they attack.

Pip Boys are game accurate

If you look closely on the Pip Boys in game, you can see that Fallout has kept it identical including with maps and stats tabs like you’d get in the game.

Brotherhood of Steel airship

Fallout easter eggs

One of the most memorable parts of Fallout 4 is the huge Brotherhood of Steel airship, and here it is in all its glory on the Amazon adaptation.


Fallout easter eggs

Shaking, crying, throwing up… What a good BOY.

The brahmin

Fallout easter eggs

It’s not Fallout without the iconic two headed cow.

Filly feels like a nod to Megaton

The settlement of Filly in Fallout feels like a mix of Megaton from Fallout 3 and Diamond City from Fallout 4. I love it. Move me in.

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